Sustainable Design

At Lord Aeck Sargent, our goal is to create buildings that have a restorative, positive impact on the building’s inhabitants and to reduce the negative impact of construction on the environment. We have practiced sustainability in architecture since the early 1990s and believe in using an analytical approach to optimizing building performance.

Our design staff includes LEED-accredited architects, daylighting specialists and energy analysts who work to implement sustainable design strategies into all of our projects - including the qualifications needed for attaining LEED certification. We have successfully certified more than 70 LEED projects and are currently designing two projects pursuing Living Building Challenge certification.

In February 2007, LAS became one of the first architecture firms in the country to adopt The 2030 Challenge, an initiative that calls on the global building sector to immediately reduce energy usage by 70 percent in new buildings and major renovations in order to avoid hazardous climate change.

At LAS, we strive to design:

  • Functional buildings that improve our surroundings aesthetically and environmentally. Durability and maintainability are essential to a successful facility; without a lasting building, the benefits of other sustainable design principles are diluted.
  • Sensitive buildings with minimal site disturbance.
  • Efficient buildings to optimize energy performance. Strategies including HVAC energy management systems and occupancy sensors reduce energy requirements for heating, cooling and lighting.
  • Responsible buildings that reduce the depletion of our planet’s limited resources through careful selection and innovative uses of building materials.
  • Healthy buildings that improve the quality of users’ lives. We create healthful indoor environments through the careful design of ventilation, selection of low-VOC emitting materials and the provision of daylight and exterior views.
Jim Nicolow, AIA, LEED Fellow

Jim Nicolow, AIA, LEED Fellow

Director of Sustainability

Southface EcoOffice

Southface EcoOffice

Atlanta, GA