Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

O’Shaughnessy Hall Renovation

Blacksburg, VA

Lord Aeck Sargent, working in collaboration with Moseley Architects, has been commissioned to assist Virginia Tech in the renovation of O’Shaughnessy Hall.

Originally constructed in 1966, O’Shaughnessy currently houses 350 students and will house 346 students after the renovation. The program calls for the conversion of O’Shaughnessy from a traditional dormitory model to a Residential College.

The program includes common rooms for students and faculty, faculty offices, a classroom, a faculty apartment, staff apartment, as well as outdoor amenity and program spaces. The Residential College program is multigenerational and multidisciplinary with an emphasis on leadership development as a catalyst for social change. A primary impetus for the renovation project is the University’s commitment to ensuring that the program is available to all students regardless of their financial resources. Consequently, cost management strategies are particularly critical.

Construction began in summer 2017, with the renovated building to be occupied in fall 2018.


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